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Innovative HR Outsourcing and Recruitment Agency in Asia

Links International is an award-winning industry leader in human resources outsourcing in Asia.


As one of the top recruitment agencies, we offer a broad range of headhunting and human resources services, ranging from recruitment, to payroll, professional employer organization (PEO), employer-of-record (EOR), and visa application, which are designed to cover all aspects of your human resources processes.


Links International was established in 1999. We service over 15 locations across Asia-Pacific, with offices in Hong Kong, Singapore, Shanghai, Macau, Zhuhai, Taiwan, Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, New Zealand, and Australia.




  • Hong Kong

    Scott THOMSON

    Managing Director

  • Shanghai

    Stacy LI

    Associate Director - Property & Construction/Retail & Luxury

  • Shanghai

    Lily XIONG

    Associate Director - Consumer

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